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Since 1969
Hometown Folks  with Hometown Values
Mattocks Five Inc.
136 Mead Ave.
Meadville, PA 16335
73 Canal Street
Albion, PA 16401
220  East 3rd Street
Waterford, PA 16441
217 S. Perry Street
Titusville, PA 16354
13393 Rt. 6
Clarendon, PA 16313
History of Mattocks Five Inc.
Mattocks Five Inc. was an idea conceived in the minds of the sons of Virgil Earl and Inez Mae Mattocks. This desire was brought to fruition in the fall of 1969 with the purchase of Meadville Farm and Garden Supply and O.S. Brock Distributing from Oliver Brock and his wife Becky Brock.

The initial idea was that this would be a sideline job and a place for Virgil when he retired. This plan was changed after a few months as Ronald Mattocks, who had just returned from Vietnam, after serving with the U.S. Army Special forces, became a full time employee and manager of the Meadville store. Soon after Richard Mattocks Sr. came in as full time employee after being employed with Ralston Purina as an area sales representative.

In 1974 the Mattocks family purchased the operation of J.W. Johnson & Sons located in Albion, PA from Willard Johnson. Mr. Johnson ran a very successful mill and now wanted to retire. His desire was that the new owners would provide employment for his faithful crew and provide quality service to his long time customer base. Larry Mattocks, who was a full time tool and die maker left the employment of Packard Electric and became manager of the Albion Mill operation. Mr. Johnson remained on as a consultant. At this time William Mattocks left American Brake Shoe where he was forman and joined his brothers. They then became Mattocks Five incorporated in 1974.

In 1975 O'Brien Milling in Waterford, PA was purchased from Ester O'Brien. This was a small mill catering to small farmers and hobby farmers. Richard Mattocks left Meadville and went to manage the Waterford operation. This was the first store to be named 5-M Feeds.

In 1976 the operation of L.A. Glessman and Son located in Conneautville, PA was purchased by Mattocks Five Inc. David Mattocks left the employment of R.D. Werner Ladder Co. in Greenville, PA to become manager of this operation. The store was renamed 5-M Feeds Conneautville. On July 7th, 1977 this mill was hit by a direct bolt of lightening and was totally destroyed within minutes. The operation then regrouped in the town of Springboro, PA, but was never again able to recover from this devastating set back.

On we marched with the purchase of the former Meadville C0-op, a major Agway operation located on the north side of Meadville. this facility was purchased in 1978. With many changes in the agriculture picture, farmers getting larger, the box stores coming into existence, agriculture operations becoming specialized, a lot of changes were being made.

In 1985 the growth of the neighboring factory, Meadville Forging presented an opportunity for Mattocks Five to move in a different direction. Many other factors were shaping the direction which we felt we must move in. The tornado that went through Albion area causing much devastation and customer losses along with the Milk Buy Out program, made it necessary to make major changes.

Along the way changes in ownership started as David Mattocks left and started his own line of business adventures and ended up owning one of the largest organic fertilizer and animal nutrition companies in the United States. Following the sale of 5-M Meadville North, Larry went back into the Tool & Die business. 5-M Springboro was closed with the employees and customers moved to Albion Mill. At this same time a small retail operation was started in the east side of Erie on 26th street and was in operation for approximately seven years. Due to leasing problems this was closed down.

In 1985 another small retail operation was started in Warren, PA named 5-M Feeds and located beside McDonalds store in Warren. This operation grew and grew. Due to leasing problems and the growth of the store a new location had to be found. In 2004 the store was moved to its present location outside of Warren to the town of Clarendon. This appears to have been a wise move. During this time Ronald Mattocks accepted a position with Cox and Kanyuck Electric Contractors. Today Ron is employed with the Meadville Medical Center as head electrician.

In 1999 a store opened in Titusville, PA also named 5-M Feeds and after a short period of time due to the sale of property this location was forced to move to its present location on South Perry St.

William Mattocks Sr. retired in the winter of 2004. This left only Richard as the sole remaining partner still employed in corporation.

Many changes, lots of mistakes and loads of memories, but we still are determined to provide the very best of products and services. Our goal is to always remember the faithful customers who have been with us through the ups and downs and build a whole new generation of happy people.

Richard E. Mattocks passed away August 4, 2015, at his home surrounded by his family. His legacy at Mattocks 5 is carried on by his sons and daughter Richard Mattocks Jr.(Jake), Eric Mattocks and Debbie Mattocks Alexander. He will be missed but always in our hearts he will live on.